88MPH Press

Kustom Kulture Publishing Company


Hey everyone, welcome to the new 88MPH Press website. We are your go-to website for all things Skate Art, Lowbrow art, and Kustom Kulture art & lifestyle.

88MPH Press is the publisher of Gnarly Magazine, Re-Issue Magazine, and, soon, the Petey the Stinkin’ Dog comic.

Gnarly Magazine is a kustom kulture publication, featuring pinstripers, sign painters, lowbrow artists, tattooers, sculptors, hot rod & motorcycle builders, kustom painters, bizarro short stories, comics, and more! Full color, glossy art magazine. 8.5″ x 11″

Re-Issue Magazine is a skateboard art and culture magazine.

Petey the Stinkin’ Dog is a comic strip that was famous in the fanzine heyday of the mid 90s, long before Seth MacFarlane brought us his version. Petey gets into wacky hijinks full of fart jokes and poop humor. He’s so cute and loveable and… stinky. Yearly, 5.5″ x 8.5″