Killin’ Nazis and causin’ a stink since 1994! 88MPH Press is proud to announce the resurrection of Petey the Stinkin’ Dog, first made famous in Slur Magazine during the heyday of xerox fanzines, before that whole Internet thing took off. We called it the early 1990s.

A full Petey comic book is expected to launch around the Christmas holidays.

If you like farting dog humor, you’re going to love Petey. The creators of Petey the Stinkin’ Dog tell us they are pretty sure Seth MacFarlane ripped off the whole gross dog thing from Petey. They assure us that they do it better. Stay tuned.

Also, if you’re a comic book artist looking to break into the business, reach out to us here at if you would like a chance to illustrate a Petey the Stinkin’ Dog panel. The creators are looking for a different illustrator for each comic panel in Petey Issue #1. A fan vote will then be held to see who lands the full time comic artist gig!

Here’s a sneak peek at Petey killin’ Nazis…